Can’t Find a Good Candidate? Here are a Few Ways to Find Candidates

Are you looking for a good candidate? No worries, you are not alone in this. In the past couple of years, candidates per hire metrics have been downgraded by 24.1%.    

Most companies also have similar issues, candidates are dropping out in the mid-recruitment process. Here we will discuss how you can solve this problem and fill up your company position with a good candidate. 

Before that let’s discuss why candidates are dropping out of mid-way. 

Why Candidates are Dropping Out? 

According to some reports, these are the primary reasons many candidates lost interest and dropped out midway through the recruitment pipeline. 

  • If your company has a weak office culture. 
  • When candidates find out your company doesn’t look after its employees. 
  • If a candidate gets a better opportunity. 
  • During the interview process if a candidate has a negative experience such as rude behavior, unresponsive communication, unorganized interview process, etc. 
  • Unclear job descriptions and recruiters aren’t transparent about the job position and responsibility of a candidate. 
  • If a company has negative reviews that is the common reason they dropped out. 

Here are A Few Ways to Find Good Candidates 

Create Clear Job Description 

Before going into details let me ask you something, when you are looking for a job what are the things you looking for? Good salary, work environment, and skill growth. 

You can add these points to your job description but make sure that you are adding the right information not the most information. When a candidate read the job description they should feel like they can gain something if they work with us. 

Don’t Rely on One Job Platform 

If you are looking for a good candidate and want to hire as soon as possible then create a job profile and post it on many different platforms such as LinkedIn, Naukri, Monster, etc. Don’t limit yourself by posting on only one platform utilise all the digital mediums to find candidates. 

Let me give a piece of advice, add job posts on well-known sites otherwise your mailbox is filled with irrelevant job applicants. 

Social Media Platforms 

In this competitive era, every brand has a social media presence and I assume that they have a few hundred or thousand followers so let them know that you are hiring a candidate for a certain position. Based on a recent study, 73% of employees found their job position directly on social media platforms. I assure you this strategy works. You never knew you might find the best candidate among your followers. 


When we talk about professional networking LinkedIn plays an essential role. Here you can find a good candidate by reviewing their profile and work. Based on recent reports 40% of the users use this platform on a daily basis. Otherwise, you can directly connect with a candidate for the job position. 

Hire a Recruitment Agency 

Recruitment in India like us can help you choose the right candidate. In a pool of candidates finding the right one is tough but not for professional recruiters, because they are aware of the hidden job market that companies can’t find on their own. According to recent data, 69% of employees stay with a company if their onboarding experience is good. That might be the reason the majority of the companies hire recruiters.  


Here in this blog, we discussed various things regarding how a company can find the right candidate. If you find this blog useful then feel free to share it with others.

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